Cadet Camp Registration Link

The Cadet Police Academy registration link is  Please complete the online registration by Monday June 11th so that any issues can be addressed.  As far a the medical form goes, it appears as though you will have until July 13th to have the form signed and uploaded to the registration site.

If you have questions about the site please go to the support page located at  Below are support guidelines that were also provided to help if necessary.  Please let me know if you have any further questions.



  • We are happy to assist families in downloading an updated and secure web browser so they can access our site safely. We make use of new capabilities available in modern, up-to-date browsers, which also provide improved security and performance for health information.  We support the current and previous major releases of Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari on a rolling basis.
  • We are willing and able to assist families if they encounter any errors or unexpected behavior when using our system. If a user receives an error message of any kind when navigating our system they can reach out to us and we will do our very best to address that issue immediately.
  • Families will always have access to support documentation, including FAQs and training videos. However, families can always contact us if they have questions or need additional help navigating our site.


Profiles and Users

  • Requests to create new participant profiles (e.g. participant, staff) and new provider profiles (e.g. nurse, doctor, EMT) must come from the organization directly, to ensure that they are aware of all profiles in their system. We are not able to manually enter new participants or providers, and these requests must be handled by the organization.
  • Organizations are responsible for setting the provider permissions for each account and are responsible for deactivating providers who should no longer have access once a session ends.
  • We will not update or add new email addresses to a participant account. Additionally, we will not remove email addresses for someone other than the email address owner (e.g. ex-husband, ex-wife), and families who contact our help desk requesting this will be directed to contact their organization directly to process these changes.
  • We are not able to email the parent/guardian any documents (e.g. doctor’s physical form). If an Authorized User is unable to download the proper information, they must contact the organization. Organizations should have a procedure in place to assist parents who are unable to use our system.
  • We are able to re-send any email notifications to families that they may have missed or accidentally deleted.
  • On occasion, an organization may submit an incorrect email address for a participant. If our help desk receives a request to remove an incorrect email address, we will manually delete this email address to protect the security of participant/staff health information.  Organizations will be notified by email of this change, so they may update the email address they have on file for the participant/staff as well.
  • Families are not able to update their participant’s name or date of birth without the organization’s approval. The alerts tab will provide notifications of any demographic change requests, and we encourage our organizations to check this frequently.  Our support team is not able to accept demographic change requests.  When an organization accepts a change request, they should make sure to update these changes in any external databases as well to prevent duplicate accounts from being created.
  • Families occasionally will ask our help desk questions specific to your organization (e.g. driving directions, tetanus vaccine policy). We are not able to answer these questions, but we will provide your organization’s contact information to these families so they can get answers to their questions in a timely manner.


 Health Forms

  • We are happy to assist families in navigating their health profile. Our goal is to ensure a seamless and smooth experience for your families, and to help your organization receive accurate health information for your participants as efficiently as possible.
  • On occasion a family may ask our support team to update the health record for their participant via email or over the phone. Given the sensitivity of this information, we are not able to add, edit or remove information from a participant’s health record.  Families who contact our help desk with these requests will be directed to contact their organization directly to process these changes.
  • The health profile lockout is another method to protect a participant’s health and safety, and for this reason we are not able to accept unlock requests. This policy ensures that administrative and medical staff are made aware of any last minute changes to a participant’s health record.  Families who contact our help desk requesting their health profile be unlocked will be directed to contact their organization directly.


Documents and Uploads

  • We are able to assist families who are having difficulties uploading documents to their accounts by walking them through the process, however, we are not able to upload files on their behalf. If a family requests a document uploaded on their behalf, they will be instructed to contact their organization directly.
  • We are not able to accept any mailed paper documents to our physical office.
  • If an organization chooses to accept paper copies or faxed records of forms, the organization will be responsible for scanning/uploading, and manually transcribing these records into the participant’s health profile.