Monday 6/2/14

Tonight’s meeting is at the 911 center, All senior Cadets are to be in uniform with PT clothes to change into. New Cadets come in your PT gear, if you picked up your uniforms leave them home so they don’t get messed up before graduation. Tonight is the final exam, look over your notes so you all do great. JUST A NOTE… we are having another fundraiser after graduation, […]

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Good News, Buckshollow has advised me that your uniforms are finished and ready to be picked on starting SATURDAY 5/31/14. The final cost is 170.00 dollars, please bring payment when you pick up your uniforms. If you have any questions email me at .

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Meeting Tonight/Camp Meeting

Tonight’s meeting will be at the 911 center at 6:30pm. It will be CPR AND DEFIB. There will be NO MOCK PD tonight. If you would like to recert. your CPR come tonight and we will attempt to get you recert. New cadets take priority but we will try and get you in. CAMP MEETING Tonight is a camp meeting. It will […]

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