Meeting Tonight/Camp Meeting

Tonight’s meeting will be at the 911 center at 6:30pm. It will be CPR AND DEFIB. There will be NO MOCK PD tonight. If you would like to recert. your CPR come tonight and we will attempt to get you recert. New cadets take priority but we will try and get you in.


Tonight is a camp meeting. It will be at 6:30pm at the 911 center (where we usually have our meetings). If you are 18 or older a parent does not have to attend but is encouraged. If you are under 18 a parent MUST ATTEND. I have all the necessary paperwork for you to sign. Please BRING A PEN AND A CHECK FOR THE MEETING TONIGHT.  If you cannot make the meeting tonight there will be another meeting on Tuesday 05/27/2014 at 6:30pm.