Here’s the plan for tomorrow night’s meeting at George Fischer Middle School. I need everybody at the school no later than 1800. Anyone who is going to camp I need you and a parent or Guardian to go over the paperwork. This should take no longer than 10 minutes. I will be contacting New England uniform when they open tomorrow morning and if the uniforms are in I will pick them up tomorrow afternoon for All Phase One Cadets so they will be available at graduation practice.

As many of you are aware, Town of Carmel police officer Gary Pietropaolo, Jr. died unexpectedly on Thursday. Sergeant Szabo and I are trying to secure transportation for all of us to go to Cargain funeral home to pay our respects. I need all Cadets in full uniform with polished boots and hats.  Phase-one Cadet please bring your boots with you and wear your Cadet t-shirt. We will return to George Fischer so everybody can be picked up at the conclusion. If you have any questions please let me know. Stay safe.