Meeting 4/21, Uniform Info, and Details

Tonight’s meeting will be at the 911 center.

If you are a new cadet and did not make it to get measured at the last meeting you must go to Buckshollow Emergency Equipment 15 Secor Rd, Mahopac, NY 10541
(845) 526-1400 to get measured ASAP.
Call before going to make sure someone is there to measure you. If you do not have a uniform you will not walk at graduation.

We still need a few more people for details this weekend on sat. and sun. please reach out to your cadet supervisors.

4/14/14 Meeting

We are at the 911 center tonight ALL cadets are to come dressed in PT clothing. Tonight is tactics night and we will be splitting up into groups. No uniforms, dress weather appropriate, and bring water. Buckshollow emergency equipment will be on hand tonight to measure the new class for uniforms. See you all at 1830 hrs.


Old Cadets, tonight’s meeting is at the 911 center please assemble in the auditorium at 6:00 pm don’t be late. We need to go over some things, and there will be a uniform inspection so anyone who is role-playing wear your uniform in and bring street clothes.  There might be a supervisor coming tonight so look good.

Meetings 04/07 and 04/08 Important

Mock pd will be meeting on 04/07 at 1830hrs at the 911 center

New Cadets will be meeting on 04/08 (that is TUESDAY). You will be meeting at the Sheriff’s department to go for a tour of our correctional facility. Female Cadets, please be advised, you will be seeing real inmates, do not wear tight clothing,  WEAR BAGGY CLOTHING. DO NOT BRING: hooded sweatshirts, metal items, bags or backpacks. Cell phones are not permitted in the correctional facility either. The start time of the tour is 1830hrs so please show up a little early.

Monday 3/31/2014 Meeting

Tonights meeting is at the Putnam County Supreme Court in Carmel, 1830 hrs all cadets assemble in the main lobby. Senior Cadets, tonight is your monthly meeting, and Every one is to be in full uniform no exceptions.

Monday Meeting Info 03/03/2014

New Cadets- Tonights meeting will be held at the Sheriff’s office in Carmel (it is located right next to Carmel High School). Enter in the main lobby and wait for one of your advisors to escort you into the office. We will be covering car stops tonight and a good portion of the class will be outside so DRESS WARM. The meeting will be at the standard time 1830hrs to 2030hrs.

Graduated Cadets-There will be NO MOCK PD tonight. Do NOT show up. There will be no room to house you and you will be sent home. There are two upcoming details: 4 Cadets are needed for Friday March 28th from 1800hrs-2200hrs \ 15 Cadets are needed for Saturday April 26th from 1000hrs-1630hrs. Please contact your Cadets Captains ASAP if you are able to attend.


Monday 2/24

I hope everyone enjoyed their winter recess. Tonights meeting will be at the 911 center at 1830 hrs, dress warm.  There may be a notebook check tonight… hint… hint. Mock PD is also on tonight, you all did great last week keep up the good work. All members with rank please arrive at 1815 hrs if possible to set up mock.